company OVERVIEW


Windtree Therapeutics is a global, clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical and medical device company with a mission to save and enhance the lives of patients by arming the healthcare providers who treat them with breakthrough therapies that satisfy significant unmet needs. Windtree is developing important acute care innovations in science and engineering and delivering them responsibly with unrelenting attention to quality and access to care. In all we do, we are driven by compassion and the aspiration to help our patients and their families realize the hope they have for a life less impacted by their disease.

Windtree has four clinical and multiple pre-clinical programs in respiratory, cardiovascular and oncology disease states. The Company’s lead clinical programs include:


AEROSURF is being developed for neonatal intensivists treating premature infants diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Through AEROSURF, Windtree is redefining the treatment paradigm and what may be possible for longer term outcomes in RDS. AEROSURF is an innovative, med-device combination designed for the non-invasive delivery of its proprietary KL4 synthetic, peptide-containing surfactant into the lungs of neonates using an innovative Aerosol Delivery System (ADS). These attributes differentiate AEROSURF from the current surfactant treatments which require invasive delivery through an intubation tube, bringing with it, significant complications and costs. In phase 2 clinical trials, this combination is demonstrating improved respiratory parameters, decreased rates of nCPAP failures and the need for intubation and respiratory support, and importantly, reduced rates and severity of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Read more…


Istaroxime is being developed for cardiologists and other hospital-based providers treating patients diagnosed with acute decompensated heart failure. With istaroxime, Windtree is on the forefront of developing a first-in-class, dual acting agent designed to improve both the systolic and the diastolic function of the heart, while avoiding the often rate-limiting side effects of existing treatments. In phase 2 clinical trials, istaroxime demonstrated significant physiologic improvements, including improved cardiac function and increased blood volume ejected with each beat. Read more…


Rostafuroxin is being developed as a novel precision medicine targeting hypertensive patients with certain genetic profiles focused on the large and important resistant hypertension market. Rostafuroxin has the potential to be an important novel target therapy for patients with the appropriate genetic profile. The company is focused on finalizing an enhanced formulation, analytic measures and assessments and then plans to conduct business development to out-license rostafuroxin to a larger pharmaceutical company that has expertise and infrastructure in the very large and broad antihypertension market. Read more…

To learn more about Windtree’s clinical and pre-clinical programs, including efforts in oncology and acute respiratory injury see our Pipeline & Therapeutic Overview page for more details.

Windtree is headquartered in Warrington, PA with operations in Taipei, Taiwan and Milan, Italy.